Disciplining Kids

I don’t know about you guys but I struggle with effective discipline with my kids. There are some days when I feel like my kids are out of control. They are not bad kids, but they are starting to develop some sass and defiance that I have not been feeling lately. So I started asking myself, am I doing enough to show them that these behaviors won’t be tolerated? 


At times a part of me wants to discipline my kids differently than how I was disciplined, you know that good ole whoopin’. But the way that it is going, I’m starting to feel like these alternative methods are not gonna cut it. 


My Alternative Methods Have Consisted of:


1: Talking/Yelling 

2: Redirection 

3: Room Isolation

4: No Tablet/TV

5: No Snacks or Treats

6: Punishment


1: Talking/Yelling

I’m yelling all day, everyday. “Stop it”, “Cut it out”, “Be Nice”, etc. That has yet to be proven to be successful. When I give them that look that means I’m not playing I can usually get them to stop at least for a temporary time. 


2: Redirection

Explaining calmly why their behavior is not acceptable and redirecting them to do something positive. Usually this never works. This method usually comes with them whining and crying about why they can’t stop what they are doing or why they can’t do something differently. 


3: Room Isolation

Sitting in a room alone in the quiet with nothing to do. I only do this with my 6 year old because my 4 year old doesn’t grasp the concept of staying in the room, she will give me every excuse why she has to come out, smh.


4: No TV/Tablets

Taking away TV or Tablets, I have to do this ALL the time. Although this method is effective, once my kids get the tablet or TV back their bad habits/behaviors slowly slip back to how they were, maybe I’m not taking it away for long enough for them to truly correct their behavior.


5: No Snacks or Treats

This is usually my key weapon. Like most kids,   my kids love snacks and treats, candy, chips, ice cream, etc. When I threaten them with losing this privilege I can usually get them to do right.


6: Punishment

Multiple days without anything remotely fun, no tv, no tablet, no snacks or treats. Punishment comes when they have done something disrespectful or just plain wrong. I don’t do it often but I will say it works during the “punishment period” because I will threaten to prolong their punishment if they are misbehaving and they don’t want that. 


I think part of the problem is sometimes related to my lack of consistency. I lack disciplinary action at times because I just don’t feel like dealing with tears and attitude and so I’m sure that contributes to them feeling as though they can get away with some things. 


At the end of the day, I do realize that kids will be kids. I know that they are not going to be these perfect robot kids that do what I ask every time but I do want respectful, well rounded, well mannered kids.


Every kid is different, but if you have any successful methods to correct children’s behavior I would love to hear it!!!! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!!! 

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