Living My Story

When I was a little girl I loved watching Video Soul. Now I know what you’re thinking. I like thousands of black women were captivated by Donnie Simpson’s mesmerizing eyes. Nope. I loved the view behind the guest couch. Remember? It was a night view of the city and I dreamed of living in a city with those same views. I’m from a small town and we didn’t have buildings so tall they touched the blue skies. In fact, I think we only had one tall building in downtown Toledo.

Like millions of black homes, Essence, Ebony and Jet Magazine were a staple in our household. My sister and I were not allowed to read any magazine until my mom combed through each page. When she was done she would lay the magazine on our steps leading to our bedrooms. To me these magazines signified the Professional Black Woman. Each magazine kept me updated with black Hollywood, the latest fashion, black innovation, and of course my horoscope. These three holy books were an encyclopedia on how to become a successful black business woman. They taught you how to buy a home, how to budget and how to find a fine ass black husband.

Seeing black women soar through corporate America, unapologetically, was everything that I wanted to be. Once I closed the pages of the magazine I quickly came back to reality. There was no way this midwestern girl would ever run her own business. My fantasy was just that, a dream that came in the mail once a month. Luckily, I always had a passion for science and the human body. Nursing came natural to me, and to me it was attainable. So I pursued my bachelor’s degree in nursing.  After college, I moved out west (another dream of mine) and started a career as a registered nurse.

Here I am in my twenties, I have a successful career and I am happier than ever. Then I enter my thirties. I begin to self-reflect my career and personal life. A part of me reflects on being my own boss, just like that little girl who would indulge each page of Essence magazine. But how would I be my own boss and what would I be doing? I didn’t know at the time, but I felt a spark inside me flair. I had the ambition of an entrepreneur but didn’t know what to do with it. I decided to step out on faith and together with Felicia, Kids Coloring Co was born.

My mother always told me “God will give you anything you ask for as long as it is not in vain.” It took a while but today I believe this more than ever. As a teenager I dreamed about taking on the simple task of caring for the sick. Sarcasm note: Caring for the sick is ANYTHING but simple.  Not only do I excel in nursing, but I can hold my urine for 12 hours, eat an entire lunch in 10 seconds flat, and manage to conquer that one family member who wants to compare their degree in Google to my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I wanted to live in a big city because I felt there were more opportunities. And now today I live in a big city. Okay maybe I live 30 minutes away, but you get the point.  Early on, I knew how important it was for black people to have their own and I yearned to be a part of that evolution. I envision myself sitting behind a desk wearing a pencil skirt and silk blouse. Today, I co-run a business in yoga pants laying across my bed. The office and pencil skirt will come later.  

See, God has given me EVERYTHING that I have asked for. My destiny was aligned the entire time. Even when I stopped envisioning owning my own business the stars were forming in my favor. My path has already been written. Now it is my time to pursue it, to live my story. I have found my purpose.


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