What Did The Baby Nurse Say To The Novice Entrepreneur

I remember when I first became a nurse. I was excited and scared all at the same time. I couldn't wait to put on scrubs and wear that stethoscope around my neck. I was excited to learn from seasoned nurses and veteran doctors. My first day as a nurse.....I fainted in a patient's room. We were doing leech therapy on a patient who accidently cut off the tip of his finger with a saw. I didn't faint from seeing the leeches, I fainted from standing too long on an empty stomach. No one told me that nurses rarely sat down

Everyday for the first year of nursing I contemplated if I made the right career decision. I was 23 and I was responsible for 5 lives, 12 hours a shift, 3 days a week! Did I mention that I had just moved from my parents home? I could hardly take care of myself let only FIVE other people. However, I have always been determined. I became a nurse because I truly cared for people. I exceled at understanding the body, diseases, and any other medical jargon. I got this! 

My passion for nursing has led me to a career that I am extremely proud.

Thirteen years later my passion for nursing is starting to fade. Although, I still practice as a nurse and I still give my patients 150%, I'm looking for more.

The same excitement and fear I felt as a baby nurse I am reliving as a novice entrepreneur. Will people like our coloring books? Will people buy our coloring books? Do we have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

YES! Yes, to all of the above. Why? Because I have full confidence in us! I believe in our vision. Everyday, I learn something new about running a small business. It's quite overwhelming to be honest. But just like in nursing school I soak up all the knowledge I can and am eager to use it.

Will success happen overnight? Absolutely not! In fact I don't want it too. If we don't make any mistakes we wouldn't have room to grow. I want to fall down 5 times to get back up 6. Thank goodness I'm a nurse so I can tend to my wounds

This week we finalized our proof for the coloring book. We shouted to the roof tops of every social media outlet. We have read books, articles and even earned a degree from the University of YouTube. We are at the starting line ready for take off. Will these novice entrepreneurs be ready? Stay tuned...........

                                                                                       Written By 

                                                                                        Taundra Dunbar


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    Love your books and ideas

  • Samee - April 04, 2018

    I am super excited for you!! As a nurse myself you are motivation for me….theres more to life. I myself am growing weary as a nurse but have not allowed myself to take a leap of faith. I am sooo proud of you my sister(s). Dont give in!!

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