Nurses turned Small Business Owners!


Who would have thought two cardiac nurses would turn into small business owners? Well we are here to tell you that it can ABSOLUTELY happen. Follow us as we figure out what it takes to run a small business by the learn as you go method.

First let me introduce myself, my name is Taundra, one half of Kids Coloring Co. In the Fall of 2017 Felicia and I decided to start an Etsy shop, Sprinkled With Glam, selling printable invitations and cupcake toppers. More specifically I designed the printable invitations and my crafty counter part (Felicia) created the cute cupcake toppers.

But before ALL that how did we meet? Felicia and I met in the beginning of 2010. I had just moved from Phoenix (however I was born and raised in Ohio) and got a job in metro Atlanta. Felicia (from Connecticut) and I worked on the same cardiac floor, she worked days and I worked nights. Not too long after I started we became friends!

Fast forward one year later and we both got engaged at the same time! (sidebar: she went through with the marriage thing and I did not. It's okay though! Trust me!) And one month after our engagement we both ended up pregnant. Before you ask, no we weren't pregnant before the engagement. Really, we weren' We were due one month apart and we were both having girls!

Many of playdates, Friday night dinners, and wine, LOTS of wine later and we decided to embark on a entrepreneurial journey.....together.

In January 2018 Felicia came up with the amazing idea of writing a recipe children's book. I thought the idea was GENIUS! I later suggested we try the coloring book route seeing that it might be more cost effective. That's when Kids Coloring Co was created. We have worked so hard on bringing this series of children's coloring books into everyone's home. 

Please follow us on our nurse by day turned marketing strategist by night adventure. We will take you through the ups and downs on creating a business with little experience but an ABUNDANCE of ambition!

We would also appreciate any suggestions or tips as we dive into the sea of entrepreneurship


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  • absaykoxhp - November 13, 2020

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Jesse Lanier, Sr. - March 28, 2018

    Just heard about your Kids Coloring Book from your grandfather, congrats.
    Such a great idea for our kids. Best of luck to both of you and keep on keeping on.
    Uncle Jesse

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