Top Ten Must Have's For Every Vendor

Have you considered selling a product at an event/ or festival? Well, below we discuss the top ten must have items you’ll need at your next event.

  1. Pop-Up Tent- Events/festivals happen year-round rain or shine. Make sure you purchase a sturdy tent that will shield you from the sun or rain. We purchased our 10’x10’ tent from Home Depot. It came with a cover bag with wheels that made it easier to transport.
  2. Change $$$- We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have extra change to break bills. Yes, we live in a world where people swipe, swipe, swipe but some people still carry money! I know it’s hard to believe. Make sure you have extra ones, fives, tens, and twenties. We set our prices as whole numbers, so we only have to exchange bills. Could you imagine digging for change? That would be a nightmare!
  3. Cashbox- You have to have a place to store your money, right? Our very first event we kept our money in a pouch. It never crossed our minds to purchase a cashbox. Well we quickly figured it out. The cashbox allowed for separation of bills which allowed us to exchange monies quickly and more efficiently. So, whatever you do purchase a cashbox!
  4. Snacks-I mentioned earlier that events can call for a rather long day. You get there early to set up, there’s the actual event, and lastly you have to break down your display. It can easily be an 8-hour day. So, it’s very important to bring light snacks and drinks. It can be challenging to leave your booth for a bite to eat. You don’t want to miss a sale and you don’t want to leave your merchandise unattended. So, remember to pack something that you can munch on throughout the day
  5. Business cards- I believe this item is a hit or miss. You can purchase business cards relatively cheap. In the past we have purchased our cards from Vistaprint. Don’t want to purchase business cards? Another option is to print all your business information on card stock and display it on your table with a sign that says, “Snap a pic of our business card”. Business cards get lost in the shuffle. Consumers can scroll through their phone at a later date and see a pic of your business card. That's a potential sale!
  6. Business Sign/Banner-Typically this is the first thing consumers see when approaching your booth. It is very important to grab the consumers attention. There are various styles for signs and banners. You can choose from floor standups, table runners or vinyl banners. Currently we have a vinyl banner that we can tie across our table or tent. Depending on what type of sign you purchase they can be relatively inexpensive. We didn’t pay any more than fifty dollars for ours. My suggestion is to purchase a small sign in the beginning. You can always upgrade later.
  7. Free activity or Free sample- Who doesn’t love the word FREE. There have been numerous events where we offer children a free bookmark. We allow children to color a bookmark of their choice. This is a great opportunity to pull the parents in and discuss our product. Don’t have a product or sample? No worries set a bowl of candy at your table and I promise consumers will gravitate towards you.
  8. Card Reader- You cannot be a vendor without a card reader. Fortunately, you can get a card reader for free. Typically, you’re only charge when you swipe a card. The fee is low between 2.75%-3.75%. There are various card readers you can choose from. You can google card reader and choose which is best for your small business. It usually ships to your home within 3-5 business days. Deposits are usually made to your bank account within 1 business day. You download the app and insert the card reader into your phone. Then, it’s ready to use. So easy!
  9. Phone charger- Keep your phone charged with a portable phone charger. Your battery life can get low quickly. You’re using your phone to swipe debit/cc and your taking tons of pics to post on social media. So, save yourself a headache and bring a portable charger, just in case.
  10. Wagon- Last but not least! I believe it wasn’t until our fourth event that we decided to purchase a wagon to transport our inventory. This is probably my favorite item on the list. Usually we can pack most of our items in the wagon. This saves so much time! I purchased our wagon from Target in the camping section for about $60. Trust me it is worth the money. Save time and get a wagon……. you can thank me later.

I hope this list will be beneficial to you. Being a vendor is a wonder experience. You meet great people and get a chance to network with other small business owners.  Happy vending!

Disciplining Kids

I don’t know about you guys but I struggle with effective discipline with my kids. There are some days when I feel like my kids are out of control. They are not bad kids, but they are starting to develop some sass and defiance that I have not been feeling lately. So I started asking myself, am I doing enough to show them that these behaviors won’t be tolerated? 


At times a part of me wants to discipline my kids differently than how I was disciplined, you know that good ole whoopin’. But the way that it is going, I’m starting to feel like these alternative methods are not gonna cut it. 


My Alternative Methods Have Consisted of:


1: Talking/Yelling 

2: Redirection 

3: Room Isolation

4: No Tablet/TV

5: No Snacks or Treats

6: Punishment


1: Talking/Yelling

I’m yelling all day, everyday. “Stop it”, “Cut it out”, “Be Nice”, etc. That has yet to be proven to be successful. When I give them that look that means I’m not playing I can usually get them to stop at least for a temporary time. 


2: Redirection

Explaining calmly why their behavior is not acceptable and redirecting them to do something positive. Usually this never works. This method usually comes with them whining and crying about why they can’t stop what they are doing or why they can’t do something differently. 


3: Room Isolation

Sitting in a room alone in the quiet with nothing to do. I only do this with my 6 year old because my 4 year old doesn’t grasp the concept of staying in the room, she will give me every excuse why she has to come out, smh.


4: No TV/Tablets

Taking away TV or Tablets, I have to do this ALL the time. Although this method is effective, once my kids get the tablet or TV back their bad habits/behaviors slowly slip back to how they were, maybe I’m not taking it away for long enough for them to truly correct their behavior.


5: No Snacks or Treats

This is usually my key weapon. Like most kids,   my kids love snacks and treats, candy, chips, ice cream, etc. When I threaten them with losing this privilege I can usually get them to do right.


6: Punishment

Multiple days without anything remotely fun, no tv, no tablet, no snacks or treats. Punishment comes when they have done something disrespectful or just plain wrong. I don’t do it often but I will say it works during the “punishment period” because I will threaten to prolong their punishment if they are misbehaving and they don’t want that. 


I think part of the problem is sometimes related to my lack of consistency. I lack disciplinary action at times because I just don’t feel like dealing with tears and attitude and so I’m sure that contributes to them feeling as though they can get away with some things. 


At the end of the day, I do realize that kids will be kids. I know that they are not going to be these perfect robot kids that do what I ask every time but I do want respectful, well rounded, well mannered kids.


Every kid is different, but if you have any successful methods to correct children’s behavior I would love to hear it!!!! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!!! 

The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

Have you ever said to yourself “I’ll do that tomorrow” and never get around to it?  Yeah, me too, I have two rambunctious girls, one is 6 years old and the other is 4. After having children and witnessing how fast the years pass by, I quickly realized the importance of spending quality time with them. 


As a Mom of two with a full-time, Monday-Friday job, time feels scarce. Prior to starting my business I understood the value of spending quality time with them, but I was not as successful in making it happen as frequently as I would have liked. I always had these thoughts of wanting to go on lots of trips with my kids, take them to events, and just spend much needed day to day quality time. Unfortunately, those thoughts were getting overrun by the overwhelming challenges of day to day life. My weekday routine usually consists of getting home from work, making dinner, cleaning up, getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for bed and sleeping, only to do it all over again. My weekends are full of laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping paying bills, etc., etc. I put off the trips, I put off the activities and more importantly, I put off the day to day quality time with my kids because in my mind “I had so much to do”.

After collaborating with my friend, Taundra Dunbar to create Kids Coloring Co, this new business venture has actually created an avenue for me to spend more quality time with my girls. Not only have I been able to spend time with my kids experimenting with recipes but I have also been more successful with incorporating trips and activities into our lives because I know that there is no better time like the present time. 

Kids Coloring Co’s mission is to spark creativity and literacy in young children but also to help inspire families to spend quality time with their young ones. I have brought this vision to life starting within my own home. 

So I said all that to say, the time is now!  We are all busy with day to day life, but what we must remember is that the memories we make now will last a lifetime and help to shape our kids into the people they will become in the future. 

Nurses turned Small Business Owners!


Who would have thought two cardiac nurses would turn into small business owners? Well we are here to tell you that it can ABSOLUTELY happen. Follow us as we figure out what it takes to run a small business by the learn as you go method.

First let me introduce myself, my name is Taundra, one half of Kids Coloring Co. In the Fall of 2017 Felicia and I decided to start an Etsy shop, Sprinkled With Glam, selling printable invitations and cupcake toppers. More specifically I designed the printable invitations and my crafty counter part (Felicia) created the cute cupcake toppers.

But before ALL that how did we meet? Felicia and I met in the beginning of 2010. I had just moved from Phoenix (however I was born and raised in Ohio) and got a job in metro Atlanta. Felicia (from Connecticut) and I worked on the same cardiac floor, she worked days and I worked nights. Not too long after I started we became friends!

Fast forward one year later and we both got engaged at the same time! (sidebar: she went through with the marriage thing and I did not. It's okay though! Trust me!) And one month after our engagement we both ended up pregnant. Before you ask, no we weren't pregnant before the engagement. Really, we weren' We were due one month apart and we were both having girls!

Many of playdates, Friday night dinners, and wine, LOTS of wine later and we decided to embark on a entrepreneurial journey.....together.

In January 2018 Felicia came up with the amazing idea of writing a recipe children's book. I thought the idea was GENIUS! I later suggested we try the coloring book route seeing that it might be more cost effective. That's when Kids Coloring Co was created. We have worked so hard on bringing this series of children's coloring books into everyone's home. 

Please follow us on our nurse by day turned marketing strategist by night adventure. We will take you through the ups and downs on creating a business with little experience but an ABUNDANCE of ambition!

We would also appreciate any suggestions or tips as we dive into the sea of entrepreneurship