The Time Is Now

Posted by Felicia Lanier on

Have you ever said to yourself “I’ll do that tomorrow” and never get around to it?  Yeah, me too, I have two rambunctious girls, one is 6 years old and the other is 4. After having children and witnessing how fast the years pass by, I quickly realized the importance of spending quality time with them. 


As a Mom of two with a full-time, Monday-Friday job, time feels scarce. Prior to starting my business I understood the value of spending quality time with them, but I was not as successful in making it happen as frequently as I would have liked. I always had these thoughts of wanting to go on lots of trips with my kids, take them to events, and just spend much needed day to day quality time. Unfortunately, those thoughts were getting overrun by the overwhelming challenges of day to day life. My weekday routine usually consists of getting home from work, making dinner, cleaning up, getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for bed and sleeping, only to do it all over again. My weekends are full of laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping paying bills, etc., etc. I put off the trips, I put off the activities and more importantly, I put off the day to day quality time with my kids because in my mind “I had so much to do”.

After collaborating with my friend, Taundra Dunbar to create Kids Coloring Co, this new business venture has actually created an avenue for me to spend more quality time with my girls. Not only have I been able to spend time with my kids experimenting with recipes but I have also been more successful with incorporating trips and activities into our lives because I know that there is no better time like the present time. 

Kids Coloring Co’s mission is to spark creativity and literacy in young children but also to help inspire families to spend quality time with their young ones. I have brought this vision to life starting within my own home. 

So I said all that to say, the time is now!  We are all busy with day to day life, but what we must remember is that the memories we make now will last a lifetime and help to shape our kids into the people they will become in the future. 


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