Let's Make Ice Cream

Let's Make Ice Cream
Let's Make Ice Cream
Let's Make Ice Cream
Let's Make Ice Cream

Kids Coloring Co.


Kendra and Jaylen like ice cream and they love to make it at home! Follow along as they make delicious homemade vanilla ice cream.

  1. Read the Story

Kendra and Jaylen love spending time with their Nana making delicious treats. Follow along as your princess or prince reads aloud and follows the recipe just like Kendra and Jaylen!

  1. Make the Recipe

Kendra and Jaylen love making vanilla ice cream. It is so creamy and tasty and you can add all your favorite toppings!

  1. Color the Pages

This recipe-coloring book is specially designed to inspire children’s love of reading, cooking and creativity and sure to be loads of fun! Read the story, color the pages and make delicious vanilla ice cream! 



Product Description

This 3-in-1 activity book (read, color, create) has an easy-to-read story that is perfect for ages 4-8. Each book comes with recipe, 10 detailed images to color and one (1) ice cream scoop (you get to choose a red, blue or green one).


Read the story, Color the pages, Make the recipe,


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